SMG4: Hiya, kids! Do you know what time it is? It's time for some fan mail! Luigi, send us the letters, my good man.

Luigi: Nothing today, chief.

SMG4: Are you sure?

Luigi: Trust me! You're just as popular as a monkey in a banana patch! Forget about it!

Mario: I got one! Ahem. "Dear Us, Where did we come from? Signed, You and Me."

Luigi: Pathetic.

SMG4: Oh, well, uh... that's a good question, Mario. (Mario draws a picture of his face and puts it on him) And I bet you guys at home would be pretty interested. (notices the drawing on Mario and takes it off)

Mario: Pure royalty! Huh, I don't get it.

SMG4: Well, it's just that... (whispers) Just work with me here, okay?

Mario: Oh! Royalty, royalty! We used to be the king and queen of Middle Ingland! There we wore sausages, floss and bowling balls for crowns!

SMG4: Uh... well, uh, th-that was just the old ages, but we did live in a beautiful country.

Mario: Beautiful country high above the peaks of the Florida Alps!

SMG4: Florida Alps?

Mario: Uh-huh. There we learned to fly!

SMG4: Uh... hold on, Mario.

Mario: All the way into outer space! And back down into the ocean! There we met deep sea leprechauns! And a void so dark, we went into a crazy demention!


Mario: But you said I should work with you and I'm working with you.

Luigi: And you used to wonder why you never get fan mail, sheesh-louise.

SMG4: "Deep sea leprechauns."

Mario: (gasps) Wait a minute! (a letter is sticking out of Luigi's door and SMG4 gets it)

SMG4: Oh. "To M.S." (Luigi runs away as millions of letters burst out of his door) LUIGI!!!

Luigi: Okay, so I got some letters I forgot to tell you about. Big deal. (short ends)