These are a list of episodes from Wreck This Show!. Most episodes contain a song and a boss. The show ran for 78 episodes with 3 seasons each containing 26 episodes.

Seasons Edit

Season Episodes Original airdate
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 November 9, 2012 2013
2 26 2013 2014
3 26 2014 2015

Season 1 (2012-13) Edit

# Title Original Air Date
1 Wreck The Pilot! November 9, 2012
Ralph goes to the re-grand-plugging of Fix-It Felix Jr. However, when Felix invites their friend Sergeant Calhoun, some Cy-Bugs get loose in the game. Ralph and Felix team up to destroy the Cy-Bugs.
2 Insert Coins November 10, 2012
Ralph gets the day off, but his vacation is ruined when people keep putting tokens into the game. He goes on a rampage, and the game's quarters get unlocked and go into other games with nobody to play the games.
3 Glitch This Show! November 11, 2012
Vanellope vom Schweetz comes for a visit, but she likes it so much that she moves there. The game glitches and the plug might get pulled again. Ralph tries to help find a cure for her glitch.
Boss: Glitch
Song: Check Me In sung by Vanellope von Schweetz (Voiced by Katy Perry for the song)
4 Leech!  November 18, 2012
Vanellope has found leeches inside her game and alerts the arcade. Every game character runs to Fix It Felix Jr. for safety. Can Ralph and Felix save the day?
Boss: Leech King
Song: Just a Kid by Wilco. Sung by Vanellope.
5 Vanellope & Taffyta Do America! December 2, 2012
Vanellope and Taffyta pull a stunt during gaming hours that puts the entire arcade in danger.
Song: What Did We Do?, Sung by Vanellope & Taffyta.
6-7 Good Rancis Hunting December 7, 2012 (Part 1)
December 8, 2012 (Part 2)
Rancis is shocked to find out he's the only boy in Sugar Rush! So he runs away from his game! When Litwalk finds out, he plans on unplugging the game the next day, leading Vanellope, Taffyta, & Candlehead to search for him. Meanwhile, Ralph & Felix get visited by Bowser & Mario, who moves into the penthouse when their game is unplugged
Note: The episode's plot is similar to the film
ERROR: Rancis isn't actually the only boy. One example is Gloyd.
Boss: Zombies, Pirates, Green Goblin, and Gary.
Song: Love sung by Taffyta and Rancis (separately)
8 Wreck The Halls! December 9, 2012
Ralph and Vanellope must save Christmas after they knock out Santa! Meanwhile, Taffyta and Candlehead sneak into Hero's Duty to take a picture near a Cy-Bug after losing a dare with Rancis.
9 Vanellope's Birthday! December 27, 2012
It is Vanellope's Birthday, but as the exciting day begins, Ralph accidentally says something that traumatizes Vanellope and the other Sugar Rush racers.
NOTE: This episode aired on 'Toonin Holidays' at 9:30/8:30c.
10 Candellopeffyta
Alternate Title: Rushed Together
January 20, 2013
Candelhead, Vanellope, & Taffyta are glued together.
11 The Taffyta Show! January 20, 2013
Taffyta believes to have farted when at a meeting with her friends. However it's revealed to have been a air bag, and it's no mystery who did it
Hint: Name starts with 'G'.
Note: In the UK, this episode earned a TV-Y7 rating for rude behavior.
12 Blockulis Maximus February 15, 2013 (Wreck-It Ralph DVD)
2013 (TV premeire)
When a new game called Blickity Block gets plugged in, the villain, Blockulis, escapes to find a new home and sets his sights on Sugar Rush.
Boss:Blockulis and his Spider Droid.
Song: Blockie is King!
13 Cheating's in My Code! March 23, 2013
Taffyta begins to question Vanellope's glitching abilities. Meanwhile, Felix and Calhoun celebrate their 1-month Anniversiry.
14 Ralph-Man! 2013
When Taffyta and Vanellope hynotize Ralph to be Captain Man, he runs off into game central station, prompting them to save him!
15 Cyber Visitor 2013
A mysterious newcomer named "Cyber Guy" comes to visit for Vanellope. However, Ralph believes that Vanellope is possible to be Cyber Guy's nephew or cousin. Could Ralph and Vanellope help out Cyber Guy to save the entire universe from that Unknown Cybernoid Boss.
NOTE: This is the only episode that features Cyber Guy and Dr. Element from Cyber Hero series. An unknown Cybernoid Boss is sightly resembles the Future Misoan Commander from Cyber Hero series. This is the first episode that Vanellope wear a glitch-free casual clothes rather than a green hoodie like from the film. Cyber Guy's victorious pose is reference to Kamen Rider series.
Boss: Unknown Cybernoid Boss
16 Vanellope and the Cyber Hero 2013
After they  defeat the Unknown Cybernoid Boss, Cyber Guy is looking for a sidekick. However, another newcomer named "Psyrazer" comes to visit again. Suddenly, he challenge Cyber Guy for a rivalry battle. Vanellope knows that Psyrazer is Cyber Guy's best companion, but Taffyta believes that he was a brainwashed assassin for Cyber Guy.
NOTE: The term brainwashed assassin that Taffyta said is referenced to the Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics.
Boss: Psyrazer
Song: Theme of Psyrazer
17 Vanished Rivals 2013
Taffyta hynotize Psyrazer to defeat Cyber Guy, but Vanellope told her to stop brainwashing the first newcomer.
18 Ralph-Man's Return! 2013
A new game comes to the arcade- Captain Man: The Video Game! The main villain of the game, Dr. Doompants, switches Captain Man's and Ralph's bodies just in time for the opening of the arcade. They have to pretend to be each other! Meanwhile, Felix has been planning a date with Calhoun, but he needs to babysit Vanellope for the night.
19 Sugar Beach Party 2013
Vanellope and her friends went for a beach party at the Sugar Beach. While Ralph and Cyber Guy went for a visit then Vanellope and all her friends are introduced to the newcomer Cyber Guy at Sugar Rush. However, Psyrazer and Dr. Element came to visit for a party then all of her friends are taking a photo and giving an autograph from the two newcomers. Meanwhile, Vanellope told Dr. Element about more newcomers from her cousin's series.
NOTE: This is the episode that will feature Dr. Element out from the screen. This is the only episode that Vanellope and her friends wear swimsuits especially her glitch-free two-piece swimsuit that given by Dr. Element. Green Gazer, Justice Cyber and Splatz are mentioned in this episode.
Song: When Can I See You Again? by Owl City sung by Vanellope  
20 Wreck-In Effect! 2013
Cyber Guy plans to create a movie starring Mario, but Mario gets injured by a Thwomp, so Felix has to take the role. Ralph competes with Blinky to become the main antagonist in the film. Meanwhile, Vanellope accidentally left something in Hero's Duty, so she has to sneak past Calhoun to get it.
21 The Fast and the Blurriest 2013
Somebody steals Vanellope's car as a prank right before it's time for the arcade to open. Ralph, Calhoun and Felix offer to help her, but she believes she can do it herself. Meanwhile, Dr. Element needs to find out why Adorabeezle is sad because, whenever she is sad, it snows in Sugar Rush.
22 Don't Let the Litwaks Bite 2013
Litwak sleepwalks to the arcade in the middle of the night, when Dr. Element and Cyber Guy accidentally teleport him into Game Central Station. He sleepwalks into many games, and the two need to find him before he wakes up.
23 The Vanellope Files 2013
A kid in the arcade named Genevieve reports that Vanellope is glitching, but Vanellope knows she is familiar. Meanwhile, Felix accidentally drops his hammer on Ralph, which makes Ralph even more villain-like than before.
24 Mission Unpluggable 2013
Ralph begins to see the Unplugger, who comes to make a game get unplugged every year on Halloween Night. Meanwhile, Felix needs to decide what to wear to Tapper's costume party with Calhoun.

Boss: Gene (wearing a costume of the Unplugger), The Real Unplugger

25 Game Over!
Fix-It Felix, Jr. hasn't been played for one month. Ralph and Felix overhear Litwak talking about unplugging it. The group needs to find a gimmick for the game so more people will play the game. Vanellope suggests music, Calhoun suggests to make it a first-person shooter, and Dr. Element says to make the main character a scientist, but none of the ideas work.

Songs: Replay by Zendaya (Instrumental) Notes: This episode is an hour long. It is also part 1 of the season finale.

26 Continue? 2013
After the game is unplugged, Felix's hammer becomes useless, and Ralph shrinks down into normal human size. The group then finds out why Litwak unplugged the game: Fix-It Felix Jr. 2 has been released. The Ralph from that game is the meanest villain in the arcade. They have to come up with a plan to get the first game back into the arcade, but Calhoun and Vanellope can't reveal it to Ralph or Felix, as they don't know which is which.

Season 2 (2013-14)Edit

# Title Original Air Date
27 Game On! 2014
Ralph and Vanellope discover that the Evil Ralph escaped shortly before the game was unplugged, and he is now making games unplugged one by one. When he tries to take out Sugar Rush, there is a Ralph Against Ralph battle while somebody is playing the game. Will both games go out of order?

Note: Fix-It Felix Jr. is again unplugged in this episode.

28 Courier Challenge 2014
The mailman strangely disappears, and Ralph needs a job, but Gene, QBert, and Felix also want to have the job. Meanwhile, Genevieve turns over a new leaf, but Vanellope is still suspicious.
29 A Day Outside 2014
Ralph meets a fairy named Kelly Kindness in Sugar Rush who will give Ralph one wish, and Ralph wishes for his game to be plugged again. However, Kelly turns out to be a dark fairy, and she sends Ralph to the real world. He then gets an idea to replug his game- but he can't let Kelly, Mr. Litwak, or any of the people in the arcade notice!
30 Turning Japanese 2014
When Mr. Litwack is going for out of town and the arcade is closed. Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, Calhoun and Cyber Guy are traveling to Japan for a vacation. When they arrived in the final destination, they stopped by several Japanese video game security guards for checkout if they stole something from the other games, but nothing they found. Meanwhile, Vanellope's sister Sally Von Schweetz greeted them for a while then they heard the news about another newcomer who will help us from every villain in several games.
NOTE: MetroCop, SeekerCop and ArcherCop are featured as three of the security guards in this episode. Justice Cyber will be feature in this episode. Some licensed Japanese video game characters are made their cameos in this episode such as Jin Kazama (Tekken), Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter), the Japanese Police Officers from Lethal Enforcers 3, Don from Taiko no Tatsujin and more.
31 Digital Gone Berserk 2014
The game central in Tokyo has been attacked by a villainous Jolt-Storm and his energy draining Cy-Bugs. He plans to drain their energy in every video games. However, Sgt. Calhoun cannot defeat him. Even Ralph could not wreck his plans because he has a special ability that can drain every powers. And also Felix could not fix all the damages that he made. However Vanellope and her sister Sally signaled a newcomer named Justice Cyber to defeat Jolt-Storm.
NOTE: Justice Cyber, Splatz and Bolt-Storm are first appeared in this episode, but Bolt-Storm's name was changed into "Jolt-Storm" due to confusion with another Disney character named Bolt.
Boss: Jolt-Storm.  
32 Let it Snow! Let it Show! 2014
Adorabeezle Winterpop has been bullied by Taffyta and her gang when she loses the race, but she cannot stand it. Then Taffyta trick her to wear her swimsuit for the race, but she disagrees. Meanwhile, Vanellope and her close friend Crumbelina DiCaramello came for help while Adorabeezle is still a problem with bullying.
NOTE:In this episode, Crumbelina is no longer unfriendly and spoiled diva on Vanellope, but instead she become Vanellope's closiest friend along with Adorabeezle and acts as a police detective.
Boss: Unknown.
33 Glitched! 2014
Vanellope's cure for her glitch did not work and its getting worst. Her glitch is under control by Glitch Cyber. However, Ralph meet another newcomer Shinobi Cyber, a stealthy ninja cybernoid who seeks to removes the effect of a glitch.
Boss: Glitch Cyber.  
34 Cherrydraft 2014
After Candlehead did not win the race, she became jealous and trying to set up Sugar Rush on fire. Meanwhile, Taffyta and Candlehead are having plan to abandon their game and setting up every games on fire, but Vanellope and Crumbelina receives an emergency contact from Jubileena Bing-Bing. Since there's no brave firefighter in every games, but Jubileena quit her racing career and become a firefighter to save Sugar Rush and every games in Litwaks from Taffyta and Candlehead. However, it reveals that the villain Mr. Flambo hynotizes Taffyta and Candlehead.
Boss: Mr. Flambo.
Note: The episode's title is referenced to the 1991 film Backdraft. Renegade Rage is rumored to appear in this episode as Candlehead's brainwashed cybernoid, but it was cut and replaced by Mr. Flambo.
35 Crumbelina Minds 2014
Crumbelina must find a clue about the case of the Makia Gang Robbery.
36 Vanellope's Surprise! 2014
It's Vanellope Birthday again, but her birthday is a surprise. Meanwhile, Crumbelina and Adorabeezle are having a plan to buy a special gift for Vanellope. Her special gift is a rainbow licorice from the Candy Shoppe. When they sent Ralph, Cyber Guy and MetroCop to the Candy Shoppe they asked the store salesman about the rainbow licorice, but he said when you buy 5 assorted candy threats. After they bought 5 candies, the salesman gave the rainbow licorice for free. Suddenly, the Makia Gang stopped them at the front of the Candy Shoppe to take away the rainbow licorice. When the Makia Gang ran away from the Candy Shoppe, Ralph and his company of Cyber Newcomers must chase them before they reach into their hideout. Once in the pursuit, they received a message from Crumbelina and Adorabeezle that Vanellope needs her surprise gift badly. When they cornered by the Makia gang, Detective Grip came to stop the candy stealing gangsters. The three of them faced Ralph and his company of Cyber Newcomers into a candy fight. However, the Makia Boss ran away from Sugar Rush and he went into Fix-It Felix Jr. and turn all the nicelanders into their hostages. Ralph went back to his original game and save the nicelanders from the hands of the Makia Boss, but the rest of his minions are arrested and put them to the fungeon. When Cyber Guy, MetroCop and Detective Grip went back to Vanellope's home with the rainbow licorice, they surprised them for her birthday. And she feel sad that Ralph is missing in the party. At the end of the episode, Ralph got a medal for saving the nicelanders and the Makia Boss will come back for his revenge.
Boss: The Makia Boss.
Song: Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna (During the Makia Gang pursuit) and When Can I See You Again? by Owl City sung by Vanellope herself (During the party scene).
37 TV Show Felix! 2014
Felix and Calhoun celebrate their wedding anniversary by watching his favorite TV Show called "Cyber Hero Rescue Force". Meanwhile, Taffyta and Candlehead changed their channel into a girls cartoon TV Show, but Vanellope and her closest friends came to changed back to their favorite show.  
38 Emergency Witnesses 2014
Taffyta and Candlehead entered inside Felix's favorite TV Show to create disaster. However, the three Rescue Cybernoids came out from the show to Fix It Felix Jr for emergency.
Boss: Disaster Robot.
39 Ralph The Brave! 2014
Ralph entered into a new game called "Talon Swords", a hack & slash action RPG arcade game. Meanwhile, Ralph met another newcomer named "Major Talon", a lead character of the game. He helps Talon to battle against Emperor Drakonus's knights.
Note: The episode's plot is similar to the Hero's Duty scene from the film, but is in medieval setting.
Boss: Emperor Drakonus.
40 Cosmic Rush 2014
Minty Zaki are trying to win a first place in the secret level of "Sugar Rush Speedway" called "Cosmic Speedway". However, a mysterious cybernoid named "Scion" is trying to devastate Candy Kingdom. Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, Crumbelina, Cyber Guy and MetroCop is searching for another newcomer that could help out Minty.
Boss: Scion.
41 Iron Ralph-Man 2014
Ralph sneaks into the new Iron Man video game and finds that Iron Man's armor is missing! When Tony Stark suspects Ralph after seeing the video footage, Ralph goes to jail, but he escapes and has to find the culprit.

Note: This episode was exclusive to the DVD, Evil Ralph's DVD of Doom until it was released in Season 2.

42 The Apple That Fell Too Far 2014
Ralph's father comes to visit, but Ralph Sr. always wanted Ralph to be the meanest bad guy in the gaming universe. Ralph asks all the Nicelanders to pretend he is bad, but Gene won't.
43 Code Red 2014
Somebody has pulled out Ralph's code, making him a glitch, and he has to find out. Meanwhile, Felix's clothes turn red after accidentally mixing them with Mario's laundry.

Boss: Octocode

44 The Ghost of King Candy 2014
King Candy's ghost teams up with the Unplugger for Halloween, both wanting to get revenge on Ralph. Meanwhile, Vanellope needs to find something in Hero's Duty and Sergeant Calhoun found a Cy-Bug in Sugar Rush, but they haven't left by the time the arcade has started.

Boss: Possessed Unplugger (King Candy)

45 The Emperor's New Leaf 2014
King Candy claims to have turned good after teaming up with the Unplugger, but nobody believes him. Ralph switches bodies with Sour Bill while he is asleep so King Candy will reveal he is evil.

Boss: Possessed Ralph (King Candy)

46 Anti-Hero's Duty 2014
The ghost of King Candy possesses the entire game of Hero's Duty just in time for Calhoun's and Felix's anniversary. It becomes evil, and Felix is the only one who can stop it.

Boss: Possessed Hero's Tower (King Candy)

47 Turbo-tastic! 2014
King Candy goes to the outside world and finds the old game, Turbo. He replugs it and goes inside. Everybody is surprised to find the old game back, and everybody who goes inside to investigate disappears. Ralph has to go to the outside world again to defeat King Candy.

Boss: Possessed Turbo Arcade Machine (King Candy)

48 Eternal Winter 2014
King Candy, with the help of Wizardo the Wizard (from the game Wizardo the Wizardly Wizardish Wizard) casts a curse on Adorabeezle so she is always sad, and Sugar Rush becomes a Winter Wonderland once again.

Boss: Possessed Snowflake (King Candy)

49 Wreck the Halls With Boughs of Smally 2014
Genevieve accidentally hits Santa with a rock, causing him to not be able to see well. He delivers the wrong presents to everybody. Felix needs to do what he does best- FIX IT! Ralph would help him, but Vanellope got a shrink ray for Christmas and accidentally shrunk him...
50 Sugar Rush First 2015
King Candy tries to get Sugar Rush unplugged by going back into the real world and report to Mr. Litwak that Vanellope is glitching, but when he gets back, a different kid is playing the game. Meanwhile, Cyber Guy and Dr. Element try to find out the story of Turbo.

Notes: This is an hour long, and the first part of the season finale.

Boss: Possessed Vanellope (King Candy)

51 Hero's Duty Second 2015
King Candy unleashes all the Cy-Bugs from Hero's Duty, causing all the people from the game to have to find and destroy them before daytime, or else the absence of them from the game will make the game be unplugged. Meanwhile, Cyber Guy and Dr. Element try to discover who released the Cy-Bugs.

Notes: This is the second part of the season finale. It is also an hour long.

Boss: Possessed Calhoun (King Candy)

52 Fix-It-Felix, Jr. Third 2015
King Candy teams up with Evil Ralph, who apparently escaped into the real world right before the game was unplugged, and makes it so the people playing the game see 2 Ralphs and tell Mr. Litwak. However, none of them end up telling Mr. Litwak. King Candy then steals Dr. Element's body-switching device and switches the bodies of Ralph and Felix. They pretend to be each other. King Candy keeps trying to unplug the game. In the end, he goes into the real world to unplug the game, and Ralph comes to the real world too to fight him- except King Candy possessed Evil Ralph. At the end of the episode, a portal opens up that connects the real world and the gaming world.

Notes: This is the final part of the season finale. It is an hour long.

Boss: Possessed Evil Ralph (King Candy)

Season 3 (2014-15)Edit

# Title Original Air Date
53 Wreck-N Continues!
55 Vanilla Meets Butter 2015
Vanellope and Rancis are having a date in the fancy soda fountain restaurant.
This is the series finale.