Henry Hugglemonster
Full Name

Henry "Alfonso" Hugglemonster


Henry Hugglemonster

Henry's Huggletoons


Little Bro



Eye Color

Dark blue (Henry Hugglemonster)

Black (Henry's Huggletoons)


Momma Hugglemonster (mother)

Daddo Hugglemonster (father)

Cobby Hugglemonster (brother)

Summer Hugglemonster (sister)

Beckett Hugglemonster (dog)

Portrayed By

Lara Jill Miller (Henry Hugglemonster)

Chris Diamantopoulos (Henry's Huggletoons)

Henry Hugglemonster is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior show of the same name, and the spin-off Henry's Huggletoons. He is voiced by Lara Jill Miller in Henry Hugglemonster, and by Chris Diamantopoulos in Henry's Huggletoons.

Personality Edit

Henry Hugglemonster Edit

Henry is fun-loving and more of an idealistic character. Whenever there is a problem, Henry is always there to solve it. He might also point out to how someone else feels.

Henry's Huggletoons Edit

He is depicted as a pluck and a rascal, a charm and good hearted. He is often portrayed as a little mischievous.

Design Edit

He is a small Hugglemonster with yellow skin, large horns with blue balls at the ends, three blue spikes on his head with the middle one being lime green, blue and yellow stripes on his belly and horns, a red nose, big feet with three toes, and turquoise wings. The textures for these are slightly modified in Henry's Huggletoons.

Voices Edit

Lara Jill Miller was responsible for the voice of Henry. However, in the spin-off, animated by Nerd Corps Entertainment and distributed by Disney Television Animation, Chris Diamantopoulos is voicing him instead, since the director wanted to make the character sound identical to the Paul Rudish version of Mickey Mouse.

Quotes Edit

  • "Roarsome!" (Henry's most common catchphrase)
  • "W-w-w-What the heck is that!?!" (Henry, reacting to Cobby's foot wound, heard in Cobby's Boo-Boo)

Trivia Edit

  • In Henry's Huggletoons, Henry's voice is done by Chris Diamantopoulos instead of Lara Jill Miller because the director wanted Henry to sound more interesting for the character.
  • His Huggletoons incarnation shares some similarities with the Paul Rudish version of Mickey Mouse.
    • Both sound nearly identical (because they are both voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos).
    • Both are optimistic.
    • Both are a little mischievous.
    • Both like to try new things.