A Haunted World


A Haunted World is based by the story by Ronzel Adlao is creating a tale of darkness.

Voice cast


. Frankenstein (Zach Callison) - He's a new monster he can work with the friends like clean up.

. Dracula (Jake Short) - He's is a friend of Frankenstein and he can be with boyfriend or girlfriend.

. Werewolf (Billy Unger) - He's is a friend of Dracula and Frankenstein and he can be a best friend again.

. Mummy (Ed Oxenbould) - He's is a friend of Werewolf,Dracula, and Frankenstein.

. Bride of Frankenstein (Erin Pitt) - She is a new monster sister and she doesn't like the bands, schools, shows, movies, and more. And she likes to sing songs and she will be a 2 girls at school.

. Gill Man (Leo Howard) - He's is a friend of Mummy,Werewolf,Dracula, and Frankenstein.

. Dustvine (Kerris Dorsey) - She is a girlfriend and she wants to be with Frankenstein for a few hours. Dustvine wants to date with Frankenstein at school.


. Mad Scientist (Steve Zahn) - Frankenstein's Dad works on a job and he is a single father to do homework with Frankenstein.

. Bride of Mad Scientist (Mia Wasikowska) - She is a Bride of Frankenstein's Mom learns how to teach manners and She wants to clean up with Mad Scientist.


. Mistress Man (Travis Willingham) - He is the villain and he could shut down the band school or streets.

. Glimmer (Tara Strong) - She is the villain and she could work with Mistress Man to get the Dustvine at home.


. Cynric (Dylan Minnette) - He is the first bully and he could take Frankenstein and throw him to the locker.

. Adam (Matt Angel) - He is the second bully and he could take Dracula and put him in the tree.

. Vesh (Spencer Boldman) - He is the third bully and he could punch Werewolf in the stomach.

. Vance (Peyton Meyer) - He is the forth bully and he could throw Mummy to the trash.

. Memory (Dove Cameron) - She is the bully and she could take her songs away.

. Archer (Jason Earles) - He is the fifth bully and she could challenge against Gill Man.

. Samantha (Olivia Holt) - She is the sixth bully and she could push her to the stairs.